Dewsbury Soup #1 – the story after the event…

Dewsbury Soup #1 was on Weds 16th May, at Howlands in Dewsbury. 72 people attended; we raised £435 for the winning pitch – and many people left the room with a buzz. Twitter was full of it, and people have continued to ‘talk’ about it.

Those are the stats – what actually happened was : 3 ex-BITC Business Connectors had an idea to organise the first ever North Kirklees “Soup” event – a crowd funding social event - which we called Dewsbury Soup because our first one was held in Dewsbury. We begged and borrowed everything we needed, from the venue, the soup, the bread, the MC to the t-shirts and aprons. We did get some funding from our lovely friends at One Community, and are planning to use what remains to invest in future Soups given we had sourced most of what we needed for a first attempt at that point.

Ten organisations applied to pitch; the judges shortlisted it to four – and the ticket ‘sales’ started to flood in on Eventbrite. We were delighted that so many people wanted to join in. We also had a couple of ‘bribe’ slots – a minute to promote something to the audience in exchange for some cake from Mirfield Carnival; and the room hire from Howlands. The four pitchers were Schnackos Shack; Batley Festival; Batley Butterfly House; and Friends of Batley Station. The order in which they pitched was drawn out of a hat. We also had a back-up pitch – Femmes de Paix – who got chance to pitch without being in the vote.

The audience each had a voting chip (aka a green Asda token) which they put in the appropriate bucket after they had seen all the pitches. While they thought about who to vote for, they were served soup provided by PPG and entertained by Songsational. And although it was very close, Batley Butterfly House were the chosen (and delighted) winners.

We have mentioned many of our supporters here – but there were plenty more who can be seen on our website - and we are truly grateful to them.

People have continued to talk about it and ask us when the next one is – we are recovered sufficiently now to be planning the next one – Dewsbury Soup ON THE ROAD –in Batley - in September – it did say watch this space for confirmation but we can now confirm Weds 12th Sept at Batley Bulldogs.

Soup 1

A collection of images from our first soup, congratulations to the winners Batley Butterfly House @BatleyButterfly