How it works

It’s simple, come along, make a small donation, we suggest a minimum of £5 which includes a bowl of soup, a vote and the opportunity to listen to four local people pitch their ideas.



Four pitches will be heard



Pitches last four minutes



Four questions from the audience

The winning pitch receives 100% of the donated door money, its then up to them to use their micro-grant to help make their idea a reality. The only stipulation is they live in North Kirklees or benefit North Kirklees with their idea, do not use technology during their pitch (props are allowed), and that they come back to a future Soup to let the audience know how they are getting on.

Dewsbury Soup #3 Dewsbury Leisure Centre on 24th January from 6:30pm

Longcauseway, Dewsbury, WF12 8EN


Apply to Pitch

Apply for a chance to make your idea a reality


60 Second Bribe

Your opportunity to promote something at Soup



Volunteer to decide who gets to pitch on the night


Previous Soup

A collection of images from our second soup.


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